Sunday, October 25, 2009

23 Things # 13 & 14

10/25 /09
Sarah F
LIS 635
23 Things – 13 &14
13. Learn about tagging and discover a (a social bookmaking site)
I went to the web site and looked around the site. The tutorials were very helpful but they took a long time to load on my computer. I looked at two book marks including 10 Best Educational Web Sites at Times Online and 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read. I think that this would be a very useful tool because it allows you to organize and tag your bookmarks. The site would be a great place to go if you were looking for sites on a particular topic. It is another organizational tool that would be helpful to librarians because it is a fast, easy way to catagorize sources that you have personally chosen.

14. Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts.
I had never heard of Technorati before. It was really cool to search the blog directory and look at all of the different blogs and how they are tagged. I cannot believe how many blogs are out on the internet. I did a search for Learning 2.0 and dachshunds just to see what I would find. I also looked at a blog called The Hero Complex. I think that this would be a useful site because people write blogs about many different topics. This site allows you to lookat all of the sites and choose the ones that are important to you. If you are looking for a specific blog on a topic this would be the place to go. The blogs are tagged so that they are easier to find and search.

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