Sunday, October 11, 2009

Practicum Week 3

Sarah F
Practicum Analysis
Week 3
October 5-October 9 2009

Day 5

The circulation desk at the library is very busy during the morning hours. I was left alone at the desk to supervise the student workers and answer reference questions that were presented first thing in the morning. I checked out two videos for a teacher and observed while two Hispanic students found playaways to listen and read along with to develop their English skills. Inter-library Loan differences between the public library and school library procedures were discussed. A Power Point presentation was being developed by the Head Librarian to discuss books for freshman English students to read and check out. This presentation featured the newest fiction titles at the library. Many different book selections were pulled for display during the presentations on Wednesday.

Day 6

Harry Potter is a popular book series among the students at the High School. There are at least two copies of each book available for check-out. I was assigned the duty of developing a Harry Potter display for the Library. A student made a Harry Potter broom for his Halloween Costume last year and donated it to the Library. There is only one display case available so this display is being put together above a short book shelf. I hung a black robe, the broom, glasses, a wizard hat, a poster, and wand from the ceiling. All seven of the books are displayed below the ceiling props on book stands. This was a fun display to set up and it allowed me to become familiar with the ceiling clips and the display procedures at the High School.
Today I met with a history teacher to discuss plans about the Veterans’ Day celebration that will be happening at the school. We decided that the Library’s Role will be to design a display case and create banners to be sent to RTHS graduates who are overseas at this time. I will also help with other projects as needed.
The final project today was computer maintenance; there is a computer lab in the library that must be updated regularly.

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