Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah F
LIS 635
23 Things – #22

# 22 Create a blog post about your findings. Did you locate a title that you might want to try out and download once you have your player?
I thought this was a great exercise. E-books are becoming so popular today.This site allowed me to browse through many different titles and find the perfect book. I chose Moonlight Becomes Her by Meagan McKinney. When I went to set up my account it said that the page was temporarily unavaialble but I was still able to browse and see many different titles. This is great for the library user who is on the go and trying to read books while living a busy life. This technology allows another option for people.

Monday, November 16, 2009

23 Things # 20 and 21

11/16 /09
Sarah F
LIS 635
23 Things – 20 and 21

#20 You too can YouTube
I went to Utube and watched a Dachshund Race Clip.
This is such a cool site. I like the fact that you can type in a subject and find a video on anything that you are looking for. It has a wide variety of subjects and information. I think that the clips could be organized better because sometimes it is hard to find the actual clip that you are looking for. I have used this site before to watch videos on Book Truck Drill Teams, Sarah Palin, and to learn dances like the Mashed Potato.

This site could be applied to libraries because you could use video to show patrons programs and outreach activities that have happened. You could also use it as a way of advertising library programs and events that are coming in the future. The search bar is helpful on the site.

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts!

I looked at and explored the site. One of the casts that I clicked on was a 60 minutes clip. javascript:feedMe('','feed','3151','','60%20Minutes%20-%20Full%20Broadcast%20in%20Audio');
This site had many news links on it. This would be a great place to go to hear the latest news or learn about a current news issue that has been in the news during the week.

The second site that I explored is This site seemed to be much more social. I saw some information about the New Moon movie that is coming out this week. I took a look at some of the information about that and listened to what people are discussing about the movie.
I thought that this site was really cool but I noticed there was a significant amount of advertising before the actual material was discussed. This is a great place to go to hear what everyone is saying about the new movie.

Practicum Analysis Week 8

Sarah F
Practicum Analysis
Week 8
November 9-13, 2009

Day 15

The Veterans’ Day Banners were set up early this morning so that students, faculty, and visitors from the Veterans’ Day Breakfast could sign them in the RTHS Library. I spent my entire day making sure that each banner was secure and looked presentable. Each banner has a picture of the individual soldier, and a paragraph explaining their association with the school, some information about where they are and what branch of service they are in. The Veterans’ Day Banners spent November 10, 11, and 12 at the RTHS Library. They have now been moved to the Public Library so the community can sign them and then will make their final stop before mailing at the Rochelle Middle School’s Family Reading Night Celebration. They will be mailed in early December.

Today is my last day at the RTHS Library. Over the course of the last few months, I have learned a significant amount about librarianship, the daily tasks of a school librarian and office manager, special projects, reference, database instruction, and school policies and administration.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Practicum Analysis Week 7

Sarah F
Practicum Analysis
Week 7
November 2-6, 2009

Day 13

The November displays were assembled today including one entitled Books Made Into Movies. Posters were made that included the movie titles, a picture of the movie poster, the date of the movie, and books that the library owns that are related to the subject matter of the movies. I spoke with the Childhood Careers teacher about craft projects for the next two weeks at the Books and Babies program at the Public Library. The Veterans’ Day project was discussed and the large display case was disassembled and red paper was put up in the background.

Day 14

Today was a half day at the school so all of the class periods were shortened to twenty minutes. The student workers helped me set up the Veterans’ Day display in the large display case in the hall near the library. This case has three large windows with four shelves each. I brought some decorations from home, copies of book covers from the High School Library and brought books from the Public Library to go in the display case. The student workers helped to put this together and cut out stars for the shelves. A second display was assembled in the library with Veterans’ Day books and decorations. The Veterans’ Day posters will be on display next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the week of Veterans’ Day. The location of the banners and the announcements about the project were discussed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

23 Things 18 &19

11/8 /09
Sarah F
LIS 635
23 Things – 18 & 19

18. Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools.
This was a very interesting tool to use. I never even knew that these types of sites existed until this year. I have used GoggleDocs before when I did a group project for cataloging. The Zoho Writer was very similar to Google Docs. I like the fact that you can share information without having the same programs. These tools are helpful when you are working on projects that require word processing. This is a great tool and I am sure that I will be using it again.

19. Explore any site from the Web 2.0 awards list, play with it and write a blog post about your findings.
I explored a cooking site entitled imcooked. I looked at the video for cooking Grilled Beer Brats. It was a seven minute video that showed specific instruations on how to grill brats. It was very helpful. I liked the fact that it was visual and that it was easy and simple to use. This is a great resource site.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Practicum Week 6

Sarah F
Practicum Analysis
Week 6
October 26-October 30, 2009

Day 11

On Tuesday, I was given the assignment of finding books that corresponded with an assignment on Mexico. I pulled many of the books and put them on the cart so that the students could look through them for their reports. I spoke with the Childhood Careers Instructor about the crafts for Story Time and finished some additional paperwork for the Veterans’ Day project. The Expository Writing class came into the library for a lesson on the First Search database. I taught the lesson and explained to them how to search, print and save their articles for future reference. They have to find 25 reputable sources for their topics. I finished the day by answering their questions and helping them.

Day 12

The Events Coordinator was available for discussion on the Veterans’ Day Project this morning. I spoke with her and got more information on the day and told her what the library was planning for the event. I also dropped off more craft projects to the Childhood Careers teacher, to be cut out for the Books and Babies program at the Public Library. The final hour was spent removing children’s books from the shelves and checking them in. They will all be returned to the Public Library within the next day. Eight of the Veterans’ Day banners were decorated by the book club after school and plans are in motion to have the banners completed by next week.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

23 Things # 16 & 17

11/1 /09
Sarah F
LIS 635
23 Things – 16 &17

16. Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways that libraries are using them.

I looked at a couple of the wikis that were listed on the example page. I think that wikis are good tools to use in libraries because information can be shared and changed accordingly. People can look at different information at the same time. It allows people to communicate and see what others are doing and saying. I use wikepidia if I am lokoing up something quickly. It is not the best resource but it is a good place to start. All of the information that is used from wikipedia must be double checked because it can be changed. Throughout my practicum experience I was asked to show the students that I was teaching that the information that they get off the internet is not necessarily true. One of the examples that I used was a wikipedia article that was changed to include one of their teachers names. Many of the students did not realise that the information was not true.

17. Add an entry to the Learning 2.0 SandBox wiki.
I created an account and added an entry to the wiki in the Favorite Books section. I added the book title Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. It is about a love story that takes place during the Civil War. This was an easy way to suggest a book and look at the feedback and suggestions from others.