Monday, November 9, 2009

Practicum Analysis Week 7

Sarah F
Practicum Analysis
Week 7
November 2-6, 2009

Day 13

The November displays were assembled today including one entitled Books Made Into Movies. Posters were made that included the movie titles, a picture of the movie poster, the date of the movie, and books that the library owns that are related to the subject matter of the movies. I spoke with the Childhood Careers teacher about craft projects for the next two weeks at the Books and Babies program at the Public Library. The Veterans’ Day project was discussed and the large display case was disassembled and red paper was put up in the background.

Day 14

Today was a half day at the school so all of the class periods were shortened to twenty minutes. The student workers helped me set up the Veterans’ Day display in the large display case in the hall near the library. This case has three large windows with four shelves each. I brought some decorations from home, copies of book covers from the High School Library and brought books from the Public Library to go in the display case. The student workers helped to put this together and cut out stars for the shelves. A second display was assembled in the library with Veterans’ Day books and decorations. The Veterans’ Day posters will be on display next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the week of Veterans’ Day. The location of the banners and the announcements about the project were discussed.

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